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    Group Cabinet Control

    Philips Group Cabinet Control enables customers to manage their lighting installation and energy usage. A retrofittable modular solution enabling decision-making with insights

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    Group Cabinet Control
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        Philips Group Cabinet Control enables remote grouping, monitoring, and controlling of diverse outdoor luminaires. Customers can control their lighting installations, through a retrofitted modular cabinet solution at the electrical cabinet. Supports optimized energy consumption and manages KPIs better. The solution autonomously executes complex tasks based on the configurations. The Controller can automatically switch between different available communications carriers to provide stable and reliable communications to Interact application(s).


        A modular solution which can be retrofitted at the existing electrical cabinet
        Customer controlled connected cabinet and lighting installation
        Can be hosted on-premise or in cloud


        Central switching (on/off) of a whole group of lighting points
        Under/over voltage supply detection
        Cabinet door ‘open’ detection
        Mains power failure alarm
        Includes centralized switching from either a central schedule astro-clock, a photocell or an external trigger signal.
        Flexible to connect with any compatible RS485 energy meter
        Scalable across 2G (GPRS)/3G/4G and Ethernet connectivity
        Built in GPS for accurate positioning (Gen. 3 onwards)
        Future-proof, upgradeable system
        Wide operating voltage range from 120-277V makes the controller to be used in wide geographical locations.


        Road and Street
        Arena and Sports

        Warning & Safety

        Refer to Documentation portal for all technical documents (
        Check the local LTE band applicable before placing an order for the controller
        No UL certification in Gen3 controller and modules
        Update forecast for Gen3 in Koolog tool to ensure on-time delivery for projects
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