StyliD Evo

The ultimate in retail flexibility and performance

StyliD Evo - the most future -proof retail projector

StyliD Evo is designed to maximize return on investment by offering outstanding flexibility and performance. Not only can it be used in a wide range of retail applications, it can also be reused time and time again - whenever your store is refreshed.

Philips StyliD Evo - the most future -proof retail projector
  • Featuring PerfectAccent optical platform
  • Exchangeble optics and accessories
  • Wide range of applications
  • Sustainability

Featuring PerfectAccent optical platform

At a time when online shopping continues to dominate shopping habits, retailers must employ every tactic at their disposal to entice shoppers back into their stores. PerfectAccent provides retailers with the perfect balance between optical efficacy, visual appeal and optimized light distribution – for every different space and application in their store.

PerfectAccent promises retailers five major benefits. They can:

Maximize light quality and enhance shopper eye comfort

The small 3D facets in the PerfectAccent reflector influence the appearance of the light by ensuring more eye-comfort. is designed to provide a color-consistent beam. As a result, objects are rendered more evenly, which gives displays in retail outlets more visual appeal.

Maintain performance, reflectivity and material integrity over lifetime

Our development process focuses specifically on the quality of our products during their lifetime. For this reason, our aim is always to select the best optical stack, where every component has been designed to optimize luminaire efficacy in the long term.

Optimize efficiency and energy consumption

The reflectors with the metal base material deliver superior light reflectivity (up to 6% higher, depending on the type of reflector), and therefore maximize luminaire efficacy.

Choose from a selection of interchangeable light beams

This gives many of our most popular lighting ranges the advantage of being updated with a choice of different light beams – from wide beam to narrow beam and back again.

Secure a fast return on investment

Although the initial cost of the full aluminium reflectors is marginally higher, it can easily be offset by the energy savings delivered by the lighting product. This can result in an attractive return on investment.

Exchangeable optics and accessories

Updating or optimizing your store layout is easy too. Simply update your StyliD Evo’s optics and/or optical accessories to suit the new destination or function in store. This means you can keep reusing StyliD Evo throughout store refreshments, so your store ambiance is always up to date, with minimal effort, downtime and cost.

Unlock front rim bayonet

Remove reflector assembly

Unclip reflector from front rim

Insert optical assembly

Lock optical assembly

Wide range of applications

StyliD Evo is designed for the circular economy

The 5 vital benefits for our customers and our planet

Sustainability infographic
New rectangular and oval beam

New rectangular and oval beam

To enhance the quality of light in your store even further, StyliD Evo’s new oval beam has been specifically developed to highlight fresh food counters and promotional aisles more efficiently.

  • Banners and wordmarks
  • Shelf lighting
  • Product displays
  • Fresh food counters
Fresh food LED recipes

Fresh food LED recipes

Shoppers know from experience that if food looks good, it will also taste good. We have several LED recipes that will present your fresh foods in their best light while also helping to minimize waste.

According to research people remember the color of fresh products as being more saturated than they really are. And when it comes to actually choosing a product, consumer preferences go even further – they want a color that’s even more saturated than what they remember. The right lighting recipe can optimize presentation and enhance sales.


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