Be part of the big switch. Save up to 85% in energy costs with Philips LED.*

*when upgrading from 36W Fluorescent to 16W LEDtube

The 2023 bans on fluorescent are in effect

Switch from outdated to outstanding!

Renovating with Philips LED luminaires gives you maximized energy savings and unlocks the advanced possibilities of smart lighting.

Fluorescent lighting has been phased out in other countries!

Don’t risk being in the dark when fluorescent lamp supply runs out, switch to LED lighting alternatives now.

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Philips LED lamps are the most cost-efficient and easiest way to replace outdated lighting while keeping your existing luminaires. 

Three simple options for smooth switching

The clock is ticking and the era of conventional lighting is rapidly coming to an end! With fluorescent lightings been phased out in other countries and energy costs skyrocketing, the only sensible decision is to switch to LED now – because soon there will be no alternative. Philips offers 3 options for a smooth transition so you can meet lamp bans and customer demand for energy-saving, sustainable solutions.

Philips LED luminaires for efficient replacement

Philips LED lamps and tubes for efficient replacement


Green light: Why switching to connected LED lighting is a smart move

Modernizing your lighting can deliver significant energy and cost savings. Learn what the latest innovations can do for you and your customers in this series of articles from Signify on The Sustainability Project by Economist Impact.

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LED conversion tool

Easily find the best LED alternative to replace conventional or outdated lamps.


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Light calculator

Calculate the amount of luminaires depending on the room size and the application area.

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