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    Road Lighting

    Srinakarin Damto energy saving

    Srinakarin Dam,
    Kanjanaburi, Thailand

    Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) presently owns and operates 11 power plants and 14 power-generating dams across the country. Combined capacity of these power plants and dams provides almost 50% of Thailand’s total electricity generation.
    srinakarin dam

    EGAT achieved
    great results 


    from the LED roadway project at Srinakarin Dam, both in financial and non-financial aspects. Our stakeholders are very happy with the results we've generated. EGAT benefited immensely from working closely with the Philips team."
    srinakarin dam

    Customer challenge


    EGAT has set its sights on purveying cost-effective solutions to mitigate the use of excessive energy within its power plants and dams. Approximately, there are 10,000 pieces of conventional road luminaires installed all over the dam. EGAT believes that meet its goal of achieving energy savings of not less than 7.4 million units a year, it has to adopt energy-efficient lighting solutions.

    srinakarin dam

    The right lighting


    "To ensure that its vision to adopt sustainable lighting is realized, EGAT brought in Philips to meet its requirements for energyefficient lighting. After surveying the location, the Philips Lighting team suggested the use of GreenVision LED solutions. Philips provided 107 units of GreenVision 55W for the renovation of thelighting system in Srinakarin Dam.


    Philips’s recommended solutions allowed EGAT to reduce energy consumption within Srinakarin Dam, achieving up to 80% energy savings. The LED lighting solutions also improved the quality of light, creating better uniformity and visibility, and more importantly, safely guiding those who walk along the roads over the dam."

    Energy saving Srinakarin Dam by lighting

    The Team


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