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    for residents

    Regent Street,
    Blyth, Northumberland

    Find out how LED street lights are making Regent Street safer at night


    This couple feels safe on Regent Street thanks to Philips residential area lighting

    The solution’s
    excellent light quality

    has enhanced the street’s ambience and made it more liveable. We hope that the area’s residents now feel safer when being outdoors in the evening thanks to the brightness of the light.”


    - Andy Rutherford, Head of Highways and Neighbourhood Services


    Philips LED street lights called SpeedStar luminaires create a natural light on Regent Street

    Customer challenge


    Northumberland County Council cares about its residents. As part of an ongoing goal to reduce costs, it sought a street lighting upgrade that would save energy and minimize maintenance. Could Philips come up with a solution that would also increase safety in the streets?

    The right lighting 

    Safety was a huge factor for Regent Street. The local area in Blyth is one of the country’s most deprived communities. With a minority of local households owning a car, the streets needed to be pedestrian-friendly at night.


    Philips’ SpeedStar luminaire was the ideal solution. The luminaire’s white light is perceived as being brighter and more natural when compared to yellow light. This increases visibility for motorists, pedestrians and residents, thereby creating a safer environment. It also combines an innovative carbon neutral design with a long lifetime of 60,000 hours, signalling an end to the hassle and cost of regular maintenance.


    Because technology is developing rapidly, many councils have delayed investing in LED street lights for fear that they will become outdated. However, because the LEDGINE technology in SpeedStar can be easily updated, it is a future-proof solution. This means that cities investing in Speedstar can enjoy safe streets and energy savings for years to come.


    Regent Street now feels safer and more comfortable at night, and the new residential area lighting is lowering costs too. The SpeedStar system is saving the council £10,000 per year through reduced maintenance alone.

    Guiding motorists 
    with light

    The Team

    Northumberland County Council


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