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    Discover how Holbæk is improving quality of life and saving money through modern street lighting


    Philips outdoor LED lighting for streets at Holbaek, Denmark

    We can dim or increase
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    level in each individual luminaire at any time, ensuring the best possible safety for traffic and citizens.”


    - Engineer Erik Knudsen, Traffic and Facilities, Municipality of Holbæk


    Street at Holbaek illuminated by Philips lighting

    Customer challenge


    When Holbaek municipality was revamping its street lighting, it wanted to radically reduce energy consumption. After looking at several options, it saw that Philips lighting could do so much more, offering numerous ways to save money and improve life for locals.

    The right lighting

    Holbaek required a smart solution that would benefit all 69,000 residents, whether they lived in the countryside or the town center. Engineer Erik Knudsen explained: “To begin with, we were most concerned with energy savings. However, we quickly realized that monitoring and controlling the lights is just as important with regard to overall operating costs, traffic safety and the safety of our residents.”


    Philips street lighting fixtures were the first piece of the puzzle. The municipality chose to install 9,000 Copenhagen LED lanterns throughout the city. They generate an increased sense of comfort thanks to the bright, clean light they produce, which also ensures good visibility for drivers.


    Lastly, Philips CityTouch software was set up for easy management of the light system. CityTouch communicates with the lighting network via a web-interface, so that each luminaire can be individually monitored and controlled at all times. Careful control of the lights helps the city to stop any unnecessary energy waste and ensure that the streets are safely lit at night. What’s more, the smart monitoring allows Holbaek to optimize maintenance work, meaning safer streets, all year round.

    The new city lighting is streets ahead, according to Engineer Erik Knudsen: “The total energy consumption is reduced by a minimum of 75% and, as electricity accounts for two thirds of our overall lighting costs, we expect very large savings.”


    CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting. It allows operators to monitor and manage the public outdoor lighting system. They can also store, visualize, and analyze historical information about luminaire performance.

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    Improving life
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