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    Bright walks

    to work

    High Tech Campus,

    The Netherlands


    Find out how light is making journeys to the High Tech Campus feel safer.

    Bridge at High Tech Campus, illuminated effectively with Philips outdoor lighting

    High Tech Campus Eindhoven is
    a global concept.

    Philips and other companies are carrying out ground-breaking research here, and working on the development of new products and technologies."
    Walking path at High Tech Campus lighted up with Philips outdoor lighting to increase safety in the night
    Bridge at High Tech Campus start illuminating as the sun goes down

    Customer challenge


    High Tech Campus is a world famous centre for innovation. It is a community of forward-thinking technology companies, comprised of 10,000 workers from a wide range of backgrounds. As founders of this small city, Philips took the opportunity to create a warm welcome with light.

    The right lighting


    With over 15km of footpaths and cycle paths, along with two bridges crossing the lake, the campus was in need of some orientation lighting.


    However, for such a special project, ordinary commercial outdoor lighting would not do. Philips created custom light fittings which ran along the length of the bridges, fitted with 12 high-powered Luxeon LED’s. The light from these luminaires is reflected from the side walls and synthetic coat of the bridges, improving visibility for pedestrians while producing a remarkable lighting effect.


    Along the footpaths and cycle paths, Philips added another custom night light called a ‘Paddenstoel’ ('path stool'). Each night light sits 30cm above the ground by the sides of the paths, and is constructed using Luxeon LED’s, which reflect light down onto the ground to a distance of 15m each.


    A total of 400 path stools were installed around the footpaths and cycle paths. With the new night lights in place, workers can journey to and from the campus in safety and comfort.

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