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    Lighting to enrich the 
    walking experience

    From parking to a  livable square


    Until recently, the square was a car park and its attractive features where not seen.

    Place du Chateau 2

    of lighting

    for a UNESCO world heritage site”



    Place du Chateau 3

    Customer challenge


    Place du Château is an iconic square of major historical and geographical importance and is a direct reflection of the history of both Strasbourg Cathedral and the other buildings which have been added across the centuries.

    Place du Chateau 4

    The right lighting


    The square was turned into a pedestrian zone, which opened it up to new activities and uses throughout the day and year. Each part of the new layout was designed to highlight the monuments and make the square more userfriendly.



    Lighting democratization for Place du Chateau

    The Team


    Strasbourg Municipality

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    Lighting design 

    Jean-Yves Soetinck, l’Acte Luminiere

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    CITEOS Strasbourg

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