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    Strijp-S Office, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


    Discover how energy-efficient lighting is improving the workplace atmosphere at Strijp-S

    The corridor at Strijp-S illuminated by Philips Lighting

    Customer challenge


    Strijp-S is a nerve center for innovative businesses. The former Philips business park, located in the suburbs of Eindhoven, is being turned into an inner city centre. To add to the modern-day developments, Philips offered to equip an office there with the latest LED lighting.

    Philips' DaySign Solo hangs in the  Strijp-S Office, creating energy-efficient lighting solutions

    Philips cleverly dispelled
    all of our preconceptions

    about LED office lighting in one fell swoop with this ‘mock up’ in our workspace. This type of lighting truly constitutes a sustainable alternative to existing office lighting. And thanks to its attractive design, the room also looks much more attractive. It's a much better way of working, from every point of view.”


    - Dick de Geus, senior communicatie-adviseur Gemeente Eindhoven

    The right lighting


    The borough of Eindhoven owns 50% of Strijp-S, and actively encourages innovative projects in the area. Dick de Geus, senior communications advisor to the borough, gave Philips an emphatic ‘yes’ when we approached him. However, he was curious as to whether Philips could dispel the many preconceptions about LED lighting, such as low light yields and un-atmospheric light.


    Philips put some office lighting ideas into action. The traditional TL-fittings in the office’s suspended ceiling were replaced by four DayZone light fittings, which gave the ceiling a new, more comforting appearance. To create an optimal working atmosphere, DaySign Solo was installed above the meeting table. This suspended LED fitting has an ultra-slim design, providing the right amount of light with its small beam.


    Along the wall, four Spot LED 3 fittings illuminate artworks superbly. Four LuxSpace LED downlights were built in to the ceiling of the corridor leading to the office. These fixtures create bright, glare-free light, and they use less energy than traditional bulbs. Dick de Gues was pleasantly surprised with the results, stating that “Philips cleverly dispelled all of our preconceptions about LED office lighting in one fell swoop”.


    The new lights were installed with presence-sensing devices, so they switch off automatically when noone is present. The new energy-efficient lights are delivering energy savings of 50%.

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