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    Creative minds,
    clear vision

    Pentagon Design,   

    Helsinki, Finland  


    Find out how Pentagon Design is creating productive workspaces with modern office lighting 

    Philips LED office lighting in this Pentagon Design meeting room aids creativity

    Visitors and users alike are

    by the lighting solutions in the premises. The light fittings integrate well with the building’s architectural style. We also find that the flexibility and simplicity of the solutions make them very user friendly. This special design year drives our creativity, but the right light is crucial for creationinterest into product purchases."


    - Anu Latvala, Pentagon Design

    Pentagon Design employees thoroughly enjoy the light brought about by Philips LED lighting
    Philips' modern office lighting illuminates Pentagon Design's offices, meeting rooms, and break-out areas

    Customer challenge


    Pentagon Design knows a thing or two about innovation. When this leading design agency moved into new premises, it wanted a modern lighting system that could aid creativity. Could Philips provide a solution that would help employees talk, think, and create effectively?

    The right lighting


    Pentagon Design’s new home was an old hat factory, which was being refurbished to coincide with Helsinki’s role as World Design Capital 2012. The large open plan office, with its airy high ceilings, gave plenty of opportunities to create a pleasant workspace. The company sought modern office lighting that would be highly adaptable, so that products and designs can always be accurately evaluated.


    eW Blast Powercore luminaires were chosen to bring the high-ceilinged areas to life. The 4000 K colour temperature creates an immaculate white glow that complements the surfaces, furniture and fittings within the space. Above work areas, Celino LED fixtures are arranged in lines, filling the space with clean, glare-free light. In the smaller meeting rooms, Lumistone luminaires were chosen for their efficient performance and stylish design.


    The lights are operated by DALI controls, which allow users to dim the lights easily. The control system also adjusts the lights automatically according to how much daylight is entering the office. This ensures that artificial light isn’t used more than is needed, so energy is not wasted. In the bigger meeting rooms, users can control the brightness and color of the light at the touch of a button.


    The finished lighting concept combines Pentagon’s own design skills with cutting-edge innovation provided by Philips lighting.

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