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    Showing care 
    with color

    Hands for Children,

    Hamburg, Germany


    Discover how Hands for Children is helping disabled children feel at home with dynamic lighting

    Patient room lit up by Philips Lighting

    The Kupferhof is
    the first respite care home

    for children with severe disabilities in Hamburg. The whole family can spend a few days here and experience a real sense of well-being. Modern LED lighting from Philips contributes to this by ensuring an attractive ambiance.”

    - Steffen Schumann, Vorstand Hände für Kinder e. V.

    Couple with a child in hands for children
    Patient room lit up by Philips Lighting

    Customer challenge


    Kupferhof is a forward-thinking facility for children with severe disabilities. Owned by charity Hände für Kinder e. V. (“Hands for Children”), it gives short-term stays to children so their families can recharge their batteries. Philips was asked to bring pleasing yet practical lighting to the building.

    Corridor in the hands for children

    The right lighting


    The Kupferhof care home was taking a modern approach to its facilities. With a focus on intensive, compassionate in-patient care, everything had to be designed to make each child’s stay as pleasant as possible. That meant creating an environment that could adapt to the patient’s individual needs and improve their wellbeing.

    We got to work on a unique lighting concept. Large luminous panels were added to the corridors, brightening them up with child-friendly color motifs that change continuously. In patient rooms, indirect lighting above the windows produces a pleasant daylight effect, and decorative lamps and nightlights evoke positive emotions. The LED lighting in the bedrooms is also physiologically effective, helping to support the sleep-wake rhythm through the ‘myBuddy’ table lamps.

    A wide selection of lamps and luminaires has been used throughout the rest of the building, bringing a pleasant and welcoming ambience to every room. The fire safety requirements were met by installing FP-secure in the corridors, a system that combines protective ceiling materials and high-performance Philips luminaires.

    The custom-made system represents a pioneering sustainable lighting concept for the care sector. Not only is it helping to keep children safe and happy, but energy-efficient LEDs keep costs low too.

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