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    Cambridge, New Zealand


    Lighting Avantidrome in Cambridge, New Zealand

    See how Avantidrome maximizes energy savings while also providing a world-class cycling venue for high performance athletes.
    Lighting the National Cycling Centre of Excellence Avantidrome in New Zealand

    We now have a

    velodrome in Cambridge with energy efficient lighting reducing our overhead costs, without having to compromise on high-quality lighting.”

    - Geoff Balme, Chief Executive

    Lighting the National Cycling Centre of Excellence Avantidrome in New Zealand
    Lighting the National Cycling Centre of Excellence Avantidrome in New Zealand

    Customer challenge


    High quality lighting is critical for the velodrome facility as track cyclists rely on it for safety and speed - the illumination must not create shadows on the track that can cause dangerous distractions.

    Lighting the National Cycling Centre of Excellence Avantidrome in New Zealand

    The right lighting


    The Home of Cycling Charitable Trust that developed the Avantidrome knew they needed powerful floodlights for the racing track, but were also interested in incorporating LED lighting solutions in other areas to provide suitable, ambient light as well as being energy efficient for decades to come. Philips Lighting offered a tailored solution to meet these specific requirements, by combining the use of adjustable ArenaVision floodlights for the cycling track, together with a range of LED luminaires throughout the rest of the facility.

    ArenaVision is an integrated system that brings together all relevant technologies from lamp to gear to floodlight, so that everything works in synergy. Since it was first introduced in 1988, Philips ArenaVision has proven to be the best floodlighting system ever for sports lighting applications, particularly in terms of meeting the specifications for television coverage of major sporting events.


    They feature 1000W axial lamps providing more light output, which are controlled by a world-class design optical system to give greater efficiency. Consequently, fewer luminaires are required, delivering savings on capital, energy and maintenance.

    For the rest of the Avantidrome complex, Philips provided a complete LED solution that is designed to provide precision lighting where it is required and ambient lighting of the wider public spaces within the facility, as well as deliver significant energy savings and reduce maintenance requirements.

    Philips also provided a Philips Dynalite intelligent lighting control system. These smart networked controls can be set to switch lights on when motion is detected, dim or increase lighting based on the levels of natural light available, and use timers that can be set to turn off the lights when they are not in use. Philips and Feisst Electrical Ltd are also providing and installing a Cylon building management system, which enables energy consumption in the complex to be monitored and managed in real time via an internet-enabled device. These systems help deliver additional energy efficiency gains over

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