Recessed Lights


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    • Comfortable light with a slimmer fit


      Recessed Lights


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      Philips LED luminaires provide light that is designed for the comfort of your eyes. See all benefits


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    Comfortable light with a slimmer fit

    With EyeComfort, for light that’s easy on your eyes.

    • Integrated driver with connector for easy installation.

      Allows for safe and easy installation with no knowledge or wiring required.

    • Long life span up to 15,000 hours

      Philips LED technology extends your product's lifetime up to 15,000 hours.

    • No harmful UV radiation

      The product is designed to eliminate any potentially harmful UV radiation.

    • Bright light with uniform distribution

      To really light up your rooms, choose this uniform distribution light which throws light evenly across the space.

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    • Designed for the comfort of your eyes. Visit for flicker, strobe and other criteria and product details.