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    Outdoor lighting by Philips

    Garden lighting solutions to brighten any outside space

    Al fresco lighting with a feel-good factor

    Spring is the ideal time to get out and rediscover your garden. Sun worshippers and fresh air friends alike flock outside to enjoy the warmth of the sun on their skin and recharge their batteries in the green paradise outside their back door. Why let the setting of the sun put a stop to your enjoyment of this outdoor oasis of wellbeing? From now on, dark gardens are a thing of the past. The right choice of outdoor lighting, from solar garden lights to LED outdoor lighting, can lend a comfortable ambience to your garden and allow you to enjoy the pleasant summer temperatures until late into the night.


    Watch the video to find out more on easy installation.

    Create the right ambience with Philips solar garden lights and outside wall lights
    find-your-The right light helps you find your way when it's dark outside

    Can you find your keys in the dark?

    outdoor_Functional and stylish, outdoor lighting makes your garden shine at all times of day

    Want better lighting outside to enjoy family time ?

    Philips Solar garden lights are designed with high quality solar panels and LED lights to maximize sunlight collection for light that lasts longer.

    Solar outdoor lighting

    Discover cable-free installation power for added convenience and quick set-up of your outdoor lights

    Outdoor lighting – trendy, robust and economical garden lighting products

    Outstanding design features mean that the external lighting range from Philips not only looks fantastic but is also durable and weatherproof thanks to its high-quality materials and workmanship. The knowledge that spring will come again and your garden lighting will be waiting is guaranteed to help you through even the harshest of winter weather. Safe handling and easy fitting mean that even amateurs can achieve results worthy of a master craftsman when installing our outdoor lights.

    Our exterior lighting has a 25-year lifetime and comes with a 5-year guarantee for integrated LED modules. With an average refurbishment cycle of 20 years, they need less maintenance than the average home - a great way to ensure that your time outdoors is as pleasurable as possible.

    Innovative and smart solutions for your garden

    Garden lights with movement sensors - outside luminaries

    Movement sensors


    Garden lights with movement sensors by Philips provide added security and are particularly energy-efficient. The light sensors distinguish between night and day, whereas the movement sensors detect when anyone approaches.

    LED outside house lights



    LED outdoor lighting products by Philips are equipped with the very latest in technology. They deliver an outstanding lumen output with high light quality. They generate warm white light and feature a long service life.

    solar outdoor lighting

    Solar LED

    Solar outdoor lighting by Philips is designed to utilize the power of the sun and provide light for longer. Solar garden lights help to protect the environment by not consuming any electricity. Find out more in our Product Overview.

    Only the best for your garden: our new garden lighting products for 2016

    • 25-year lifetime with 5-year guarantee for integrated LED modules
    • High-quality materials and workmanship
    • Durable and weatherproof
    • Outstanding product design and safe handling
    •  Even light distribution thanks to integrated LEDs
    • Fewer shadows than conventional bulbs
    • Conclusive proof from UV tests: guaranteed color fastness
    • No need to replace the lamps
    • Energy savings of up to 90%, meaning lower energy costs
    • Easy to fit in only 3 quick steps
    • 600 to 800 lumen LED modules for powerful, warm white light
    • Comparable to 12 to 15 Watt energy-saving lamps
    • True-color light with a colour temperature of 2,700 Kelvin
    safe entrance area with Philips wall lights
    The right choice of exterior lighting can be used not only to lend a comfortable ambience to your garden, but also to design a brightly lit and safe entrance area with specially selected wall lights. Wall lights also create warm lighting effects on terraces and balconies and guarantee long and pleasurable summer evenings.
    Philips outdoor lighting solutions
    LED outdoor lighting products, including pedestal lights and decking lights are the ideal solution for illuminating your garden or terrace and providing a tranquil backdrop to an evening spent relaxing outdoors.
    outside patio lights
    As well as turning your garden into an idyllic setting, the right choice of outdoor lighting can play a key role in terms of security. Walkway lights for entrances and paths not only ensure safe access to your property for you and your guests, but also deliver unique and unforgettable first impressions.