Smart Halogen Downlight – a reliable way to make your merchandise stand out

Smart Halogen Downlight QBS020

Smart Halogen Downlight QBS020

Product family information

Shop owners opening a new outlet or refurbishing their current installation and contractors looking for attractive propositions for their customers (small/non-chain retailers) now have the ideal solution for impactful, yet affordable accent lighting.Our Smart Halogen Downlight offers customers a choice of different shapes to suit different functions, and the professional finish lends the luminaire an air of contemporary sophistication. Thanks to its robust housing, the Smart Halogen Downlight is a long-lasting solution. Quality clips ensure ease of installation.


Affordable yet highly effective accent-lighting solution
Safe and durable
Wide choice for customers; contemporary sophistication


Robust housing
Different shapes to suit different functions
Professional finish
Good-quality clips for easy installation


Retail – sales areas, shop windows
Offices – exhibition and highlight areas
Hospitality and cruise ships – corridors, service areas, reception areas, lobbies, lounges, restaurants, cabins
Healthcare – corridors, reception areas, waiting areas
Airports – arrival/departure halls, corridors, waiting areas, service desks, shops
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Product family details
  • Die-cast aluminum versions and for MR11 lamp types:
  • QBS020, 022: fixed
  • QBS021: adjustable
  • Die-cast aluminum versions and for MR16 lamp types:
  • QBS023, 026, QBS040~046: fixed
  • QBS024, 025, 027~029, QBS047: adjustable
  • Cast aluminum versions and for MR16 lamp types:
  • QBS030, 032: fixed
  • QBS031: cardanic
Light source
  • Halogen:
  • 1 x ESSENTIAL 1CT / GU4 / 20, 35 W
  • 1 x ESSENTIAL Closed 1CT / GU5.3 / 20, 50 W
Lamp beam angle
  • 30 , 36º
Lamp included
  • No
Lamp position
  • Vertical
Light distribution
  • Direct (D)
  • 12 V (not included)
  • QBS020~029, QBS040~047 versions:
  • Die-cast aluminum
  • QBS030~032 versions:
  • Cast aluminum
  • QBS020~029, QBS040~047 versions:
  • White and grey
  • QBS030~032 versions:
  • Silver
  • Fixation by means of spring fasteners
  • Direct lamp access
Main applications
  • Retail, fashion, hospitality
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