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Hoogeveen City Center, 

The Netherlands


Find out how urban lighting is setting Hoogeveen apart from surrounding boroughs  

People are sitting next to the canal, enjoying the nicely lit area

Philips’ lighting Master plan
gives the redeveloped

Hoogeveen city center an additional, uniquely attractive quality in the evening.”


-Anno Wietze Hiemstra, Hoogeveen City Councillor

Lighting up the trees in the Hoogeveen city centre creates wonderful shadows

Customer challenge


Hoogeven is a historic and beautiful borough in the south of Drenthe. In order to transform it into the beating heart of the region, the local council wanted to make the city center more attractive for residents and tourists.

The right lighting


"Modern urban lighting was the key to enhancing Hoogeven’s architectural points of interest. Philips developed a solution tailored to each area of the city, improving their appearance in harmony with sustainability goals. Beginning with the Hoofdstraat-Noord area, we fitted CitySpirit Cone street lights along the roads. This increased visual comfort in the area while creating a beautiful ambience around the canal and historic facades.


The building exteriors have been lit up with LEDline2 fittings, which are sunk into the pavement. These lights shine up at the buildings with a pleasantly warm hue, creating an attractive interplay of light and shadow without any glare.


Around the square and harbour wall, decorative projections give the area a fairy-tale like quality. These effects come from UrbanScene lights fixed to street lighting poles, which cast elegant leaf shadows onto the surrounding floors. “I have had only positive reactions to the result”, says Councillor Anno Wietze Hiemstra. “The historic facades are now shown off to their best at night as well as during the day. And the projections on the square and on the harbor wall are fantastic; they have a hugely attractive quality.”  

Thanks to the Starsense telemanagement system, the lights can be dimmed and mood-adjusted for any occasion. They can also be easily adjusted to full power during an emergency. And thanks to their excellent durability, the lights can be left on for longer during busier days and holidays.

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