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Lighting Bayfair
Shopping Centre

Bayfair Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in the Tauranga area.
Bayfair Shopping Centre Case Study

The project has
exceeded our

expectations. We knew the LEDs’ long life and the resulting reduction in maintenance costs would be a major benefit, but there have been some other very welcome outcomes too.”

- Steve Ellingford, Centre Manager

Bayfair Shopping Centre Case Study
Bayfair Shopping Centre Case Study

Customer challenge


The Bayfair Shopping Centre is the first shopping centre in New Zealand to switch the general, office, and outdoor areas entirely to energy efficient LED lighting.

Bayfair Shopping Centre Case Study

The right lighting


Not only are we seeing 64% energy savings in our lighting, which is even more than forecasted, but the new LEDs have more than matched the lighting output of their predecessors. In fact, they far surpass them. For example, the car park, which was previously a bit dark and gloomy, is now lit-up and far exceeds the prior light levels.

“Another major bonus is the enhanced aesthetics the LEDs deliver. The Philips LuxSpace LEDs in particular have changed the visual dynamic in the interior of the shopping centre and helped create a more attractive aesthetic environment for consumers.”

By managing the project from concept to completion, Philips not only ensured minimal disruption to the shopping centre, but it also worked with the owners to secure an Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) subsidy for part of the cost of installation because of the significant energy efficiency benefits of the project.

“The Philips team were amazing to work with. They completed all the work entirely after hours so there was no disruption to business, which is remarkable considering the scope of the project. We’re also delighted to have substantially reduced our energy emissions and to have had this recognised by EECA,” says Mr Ellingford. Over 1,450 individual light fittings were replaced. In keeping with the environmental aims of the project, all redundant fittings were broken down and recycled – a total of 2,476 kg of materials.

Bayfair Shopping Centre is proud of its environmental initiatives – such as the LED re-fit -project with Philips – and has since been put forward for environmental awards including the Fairfax Sustainable 60 Awards and the Sustainable Business Network Awards. The Bayfair Shopping Centre is the first shopping centre in New

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